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Gifts from Finland to Slovenia

I will write this in English, so that my friend in Slovenia
 could understand what I say about the things I made for her and her family. :)
I have had to use English properly years ago, so it's probably not perfect, but I'll try my best.

I wanted to send my friend something as special as she sent for me (photo of her gifts to me in the end),
 so I decided to sew the gifts myself, not buy from the store.

 I made two beanies and two pairs of mittens lined with fleece for my friends two beautiful girls.
They are soon to be 7 and 9 years old.
Here you can see what kind of parts I needed to get one beanie and one mitten.

Parts of one mitten

Parts for one  beanie except the little ears :)

And here you can see the result.
The black part is velour and the pink is tricot. 
These are lined with fleece to keep the girls warm in the winter :)

For my dear friend I made these with the same idea.
I just hope she likes leopard pattern ;) 

For her spouse I sewed this beanie. I used black tricot with safety pin print :)
 It's also lined with fleece like all the other beanies and mittens.

For my friends little boy I made this shirt and pants.
 For the shirt I used pattern from Ottobre Design -magazine.
I modified it from a babys snapsuit from the magazine number 6/2012. 
(The pattern for the mittens is from the same magazine, pattern number 36.
It's also modified, beanie template is drawn by me)

The pattern for the trousers is my own idea. 
I like funny shapes in children's clothing. 
Must try many more things, I have million ideas. (But so little time!!!) :D
 The leg of trousers is deliberately made long, 
so that it can be used turned at first and later straight when the child grows bigger :)

 This letter T was first thing I appliqued. (I'm not sure of the word, please correct me) and also the star on my friends beanie.
 I was somewhat pleased with the result :)

And here are all of them together.
Yesterday my gift arrived to it's destination,
 and my friend told me that everything fit and they liked my sewings.
That was very nice to hear <3

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, my gift was a gift in return.
  Last summer I got lovely gifts from Slovenia.
Along with these painted personalized shirts for my boys I got a handmade
 unique bracelet just for me <3
 The white shirt still fits, but Ruben has grown out of the snapsuit :)
I put it in his box of baby memories <3

I got these first <3

Next thing I'm going to sew is a baby gift for a dear friend, I looooove newborns <3

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